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COKTOE said:
Well, that sucks. I really don't like Bethesda, so I decided a decade ago to never buy anything that had their name on it, even if they weren't the dev. I got Dishonored as a PS+ game, and played it last summer. Loved it. So much, I plat'd it and bought 2 of the 3 DLCs. Shortly after, I bought Dishonored 2, and plan to but it's DLC as well. It brought me around on at least buying games Bethesda merely publishes.

Arkane were good devs from the get go - Arx Fatalis is quite loved in CRPG community and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic was really fun game. I don't think that Bethesda put many creative constrains when they acquired them, though I personally don't find any of titles under Bethesda to be as good as when they were independent.