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I don't know others opinions yet but it's just looking bad. The Teraflops number on the geforce 2080 is lower than 1080 ti and more expensive :) so we might actually see a performance/$ price increase. Same with geforce 2070, it has lower teraflops number than 1080 but similiar pricing. Unless Nvidia has some done some nice architecture changes to increase performance on every teraflops this is looking bad.

The ray-tracing stuff we just don't know about yet. From my experience with nvidia graphics effects is they always tank performance bad, even if you get decent average frame-rate, minimun frame-rate sucks. You always turn it off.

6x master league achiever in starcraft2

Beaten Sigrun on God of war mode

Beaten DOOM ultra-nightmare with NO endless ammo-rune, 2x super shotgun and no decoys on ps4 pro.

1-0 against Grubby in Wc3 frozen throne ladder!!