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Heavenly_King said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

That could definitely work.  But they would also need to have it planned out ahead of time.  For example they'd need to switch to carts over disks.  But if PS5 used carts, then they could definitely make a portable version that played the same games a couple of years later.

If the switch was "Thicker"(lol) it could have a bluray drive on the back .

something like this:

If random people could do this, I expect Sony to do it in a masterful way, without those big bezels obviously.  There is no need to "switch" to carts, A Bluray drive can fit just fine .   Also because we all want the PS5 to be BC, if they put carts if would not be possible.

Is this possible?  Sure.  Would I want to buy this?  Hell no.  I wasn't really even a fan of the PSP disks, and those were a lot smaller than a Blueray disk.


Part of portability is having small and durable games, so that you can easily take several with you on the go.