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That had to feel like Christmas to them. Mentioned by Marvel as one of their top choices, selected by Sony for such a high-profile game, and then given a choice of Marvel properties to work with? Wow. A lot of pressure, too, of course. I'm assuming the planned budget was massive.

I think it was smart of Marvel to allow Sony to handle this project. When it comes to high quality, cutting edge games, it's hard to think of a publisher with a better track record. I know I wouldn't want to hand my important IP to Activision or EA (heh). Ubisoft, maybe, but I wouldn't be crazy about it.

I do wonder if that means Marvel is looking to do the same with other characters. If Spider-man goes well, would that put Sony at the forefront for future projects? Would Marvel want to spread their IP around somewhat? Microsoft hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire as a developer and publisher lately but they have plenty of money and influence and I could see them making a pitch. Actually, a lot of this has probably already been decided and is under way as we speculate.