HylianSwordsman said:
They seem to be trying to somewhat shake the kiddie image and appeal to college gamers while maintaining a family friendly image, so that they'll still sell to kids, but also sell to teens and young adults, and older adults that want to have adult games but also share their console with the kids. Their marketing is about as good as you could get for accomplishing this, and they are making steady inroads towards this goal. However, I think some of the kiddie vibe to their brand is clinging on, and they have a ways to go before it's completely gone. However, by the time they finish, they'll have appeal across the ages without losing their iron grip on the market for console games for younger children.

Yeah broad appeal is a great thing.  I was browsing the PS4 with my wife looking for a game for her, my stepson, and I to play together.  Could not find a single damn game that appealed to her and had local co op.


Meanwhile we fire up the Switch and are currently playing Donkey Kong, Kirby Star Allies, ARMs, Mario Kart 8  and have Mario Party pre ordered.  Now she is even open to trying Diablo 3  when before she was not.

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