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Farsala said:
I will probably join, not sure about fantasy. I will be very busy in October though.

Speaking of NFC west. Thoughts on 49ers with Garoppolo? Currently undefeated with him, but I am sure losses will come at some point. In fact Garoppolo was undefeated with the Patriots too. The 49ers could be quite the force to reckon with.

The Rams are rejuvenated, and the Cardinals have recently been a wildcard in the NFC west, either dominating or failing.

They're certainly improved, and I think they'll be, at the very least, in the running for a playoff spot. The big knock that people use to downplay Garoppolo is the 7-5 TD/INT ratio, but he still posted a 67.4% completion percentage and a 96.2 QB rating. They won't be perfect, obviously, but I think they're a ten win team.

The Rams will be interesting. There hasn't been a free agency experiment this big since the 2011 "dream team" Eagles, which ended with a thud. I have more confidence in Sean McVay than Chip Kelly when it comes to handling personalities, but adding Suh and then having Donald upset about his contract situation, I think there's at least the potential for things to get messy if success doesn't come immediately.