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zorg1000 said:
Replicant said:

Publishers in general seem to be doing better this gen compared to the last. And that include the Japanese publishers.

  1. Capcom's former best-selling game was Resident Evil 5 (7.3 mill) which released almost 10 years ago (2009), and Monster Hunter World has the potential to sell over twice as much currently being at over 10 mill.
  2. Sega has also been struggling financially for many years and still is in some cases. However, after purchasing Atlus, they've had a recent success in Persona 5 being the best-selling title in the series.
  3. Since Tekken 3 sold 8.3 mill on PS1, Bandai Namco has had difficulty finding comparable successes especially in the West. Dark Souls has changed that, and DS3 from 2016 is their fastest selling title in the West ever. Additionally, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1+2 have surpassed 10 mill and Dragon Ball FighterZ is the fastest selling DB game ever.
  4. After 15 years of declining sales for Final Fantasy, FFXV is the fastest selling game in the series ever and Square Enix has announced that it has surpassed 7.7 mill with only FFX (8 mill), FFVIII (8.8 mill) and FFVII (11 mill) still in front of it.
  5. I know OP says "non Nintendo" but they've certainly had a stellar gen so far as well. The huge numbers with Switch, Zelda, Mario Kart and 3D Mario haven't been seen since Wii peaked.

Yeah looking at it from an individual publishers performance gives much better context than just comparing the top 10.

Yeah, and the games aren't done selling at all. In the end I think only Gran Turismo and Street Fighter of last gen's big franchises will see decline and this has more to do with their poor reception as well as no numbered and traditional release in GT's case. One can argue that Resident Evil will be down as well though RE7 aren't done selling and RE2 Remake may turn out to be a big hit.

Monster Hunter, Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Dark Souls, Tekken, Persona, Nier, The Legend of Zelda, 3D Mario, etc. will all be up.