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Angelus said:
gergroy said:

I still have faith.  We are definitely going to be better than some people think we are going to be!

Perhaps, but I don't have high hopes. I reckon we'll be around 8-8. Anything above .500 would shock me, considering we still have no offensive line, our defense is being completely retooled, and there are pretty much no consistent receiving weapons to speak of - outside of Baldwin, who appears to be entering the season with some sort of nondescript knee issue.

Agreed. I feel like, for all the praise Pete Carroll and the Seahawks front office deserve for putting together a dominant team based almost entirely around rookie contracts in the early 2010s, they did a terrible job of continuing to bring in and train quality young players after they won the Super Bowl. It's kind of a shame, too; Wilson's becoming a fantastic QB just in time to have no teammates to help him out.