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twintail said:

1) Sony isn't trying to catch Apple/ Samsung. They are trying to make their mobile business profitable. These are not the same thing.

2) Sony has already released similarly matched spec phones as the razr and Asus Rog. 

3) Mobile game getting bigger doesn't really change anything for Sony making phones. This is old news. 

4) What exactly is the benefit of having a specific Sony phone capable of connecting to the PS4 over just putting remote play/ ps now in any capable phone? 

5) why would they need to look at the switch for as an idea for the future? Switch is out and PS4s are selling like crazy even at their current price tag. You'll probably see a future SKU that is similar to switch maybe. 

1. Yes they are they are competing within the circles of Apple and Samsung at the same time sandwiched with less popular phone. If they want their phones to explode then they need to do something different. No Company will just being happy with being profitable or only profiting little. 

2. What I meant is not just the specs but a phone dedicated for games that will have their own portfolio of games, exclusive add on an such like ROG Phone is having.

3. It will be bigger as time goes not just with gatcha games but with solid games.

4. you don't need internet. 

5. because that can potentially sell their phones. They might find success again in trying again to have their phone lines have exclusive game feature that is not available on other phones.