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Is the most unique looking game I have seen in years. The story and setting look very interesting. I also love the art direction, there is a scene in the E3 gameplay trailer where the blonde woman with the futuristic suit is holding an odd umbrella as she turns around to face you while a desolate landscape is in the background. I just thought it was incredible because of how much contrast there is with similar scenes in movies or anime where a girl in a dress or kimono with an umbrella turns around. I am not a Kojima fan, in fact I have only played MGS3, but out of all the upcoming playstation exclusives Death Stranding is by far the one that I am most hopeful and expectant of.

There are actually a lot of videos on youtube explaining several things and they will let you understand the trailers pretty well.


Edit: I was actually going to make a similar topic to this one after E3 ended and I saw so many people calling it a "walking simulator"(what sandbox game isnt?) or a disappointment etc... but I never got around to it. Would have been my first forum discussion too I think. Oh well, laziness has always been my weakness.

Last edited by omarct - on 17 August 2018