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Marth said:
Wyrdness said:

Serral beat all the top Korean players in his wins including Innovation and Stats, Maru in the same recent tournament got destroyed by someone Serral swatted.

No 12 worker star broke the game it's is the main cause of the erratic early game the game has and I can highlight why, 12 workers gives players near full mineral saturation the result is builds that were never intended to be viable now exist and example is how Protoss can expand as fast as Zerg now while being able to pressure your natural with an array of cheeses and pushes. This was not possible before because the 6 worker start meant taking a gas impacted expanding and a players economy this what everyone on BNet, TL and Reddit SC are now realising and bringing up because you can't balance a game where the flawed econ undermines its fundamentals.

And where do people bring this up? I see no threads of this anywhere.
You are very angry about SC2 for some reason.

While Serral has won GSL vs the World it doesn't automatically give him the title of best player in the world. Maru didn't get destroyed by Stats and Stats didn't get swatted by Serrel. Were you even watching the games? The finals was damn close.

In regards to the 12 worker start I haven't seen anyone complain about it recently. All complaints were when it was implemented which was almost 3 years ago.
And the game is now in the best state it has ever been. Games rarely are a build order wins. The matches are dynamic and fluid with lots of oppurtunities to outplay your opponent.
Not the goddamn snorefest that was HotS or the shitty one dimensional matchups of WoL. And the community as a whole agrees that its better then ever.

Even the hacker situation is nowadays way better then before LotV. Back than when HotS was out there were a lot of free hacks and many hackers on the ladders. Nowadays you have to play a insane amount of games to actually meet one. The TL thread of suspected hackers is mostly dead nowadays. And Blizzard makes hacks unusable on a regular basis so the only available ones you have to pay quite a sum of money for.

I would like to know where you get your information? I haven't seen a person beeing this angry at SC2s current state in a long time.

Idk man probably from Avilo, as i always hear him saying that. 

I don't think that the game has balance issues, but i think that Z and P have a smaller skill ceilings then T which is why you see such a big gap between tier 1 and tier 2 Terrans.