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Wyrdness said:
areason said:

The current best player is Maru not Serral, he won WESG and the two GSL's so far. The races don't have problems, and the 12 worker start simplified openings which helps balance. 

Serral beat all the top Korean players in his wins including Innovation and Stats, Maru in the same recent tournament got destroyed by someone Serral swatted.

No 12 worker star broke the game it's is the main cause of the erratic early game the game has and I can highlight why, 12 workers gives players near full mineral saturation the result is builds that were never intended to be viable now exist and example is how Protoss can expand as fast as Zerg now while being able to pressure your natural with an array of cheeses and pushes. This was not possible before because the 6 worker start meant taking a gas impacted expanding and a players economy this what everyone on BNet, TL and Reddit SC are now realising and bringing up because you can't balance a game where the flawed econ undermines its fundamentals.

GSL vs the World is more like fun show matches then an actual tournament, the players are literary voted into the tournament. And Serral didn't swatt Stats, the series was close. Not taking anything away from his win, but Maru has been dominating the most competitive league in the world.

If protos fast expands it can't cheese, it can't even pressure Zerg. Protos can only pressure Zerg after it gets 3 adepts, and they'l be coming from 1 gate so it will take a while. Mate the 12 worker strat really hurts cheese, before you could 6 pool and your opponent wouldn't have even started a gateway or a barracks, now if you 12 pool and use your larva on lings right away, you're gonna reach their base and see a completed rax. 

If you first or 2nd expand you're not going to push before the 6-8 minute mark unless you're zerg, and your initial harass won't come before 4 minutes. You can say that shield batteries really created a lot of cheeses for Protos, but they're also costly.