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Aeolus451 said:

1. As long NK behaves, everything is good. Peace is generally a good thing. I'm sure that Japan and South Korea that a quiet  NK is a good thing. More may pan out from it.

2. We can just agree to disagree on this.

3. Actually, notable economists gave the credit to Trump. Trump is not throwing money into the economy as Obama tried. Trump is just letting people keep more of their money and loosened restrictions that hurt businesses. Everyone is better off.

1. Nothing has changed on the DPRK front. They are still developing weapons. Time will tell if there was a breakthrough, but the history of dealing with the Kim family should leave no one confident. And pulling from the Iran deal, however one felt about it before. establishes the USA as an unreliable partner in security deals.

The DPRK spent a large sum of time and capital developing nuclear weapons. These weapons establish several things - the USA is unlikely to invade, regardless of rhetoric (security) political legitimacy (a summit would never have occurred under any other circumstance), and black mail for aid. Only one nation has ever produced nuclear weapons and voluntarily dismantled them (South Africa). Why would the DPRK give up their ONLY bargaining chip, the one that has given them a seat at the table?

2. Movement of the embassy is symbolic but unlikely to change much. 

3.  So much is wrong with this statement, I don't know were to begin. I will try to be succint;

- Presidents in the immediate have minor affects on the economy. Policy changes takes years to fully realize.

- the Job growth was higher in the last 19 months of Obama's term than the first 19 months of Trumps, although I wouldn't credit Trump (or discredit him) since the trajectory has been consistent since 2010.

- The budget is on pace to double in one year. With unemployment at 4% (a post war low), there is little justification for this. There is no external crisis (market crash, global conflict) driving this. A downturn in the economy (based on typical business cycles, is highly possible in the short term) would place even more pressure on the budget, and drive inflation even further. Obama also had high deficits (with the housing crisis), and should have allowed the Bush tax cuts to expire to bring the budget back in line, but the deficit was steadily coming down after the first couple years of the housing crisis. The Trump/Ryan budget/tax cut, however, we will be paying for a generation.

- As for Trump letting us keep more of our money, that depends on how much money you already earn. Sure, if you earn over 200k, you did great under the tax plan. But for ordinary people, the tax savings are minor, and have already been eliminated by the rise in gas prices. People who earn less are more affected by inflation, which is rising, for many reasons, such as good economy, but also the budget deficit that will drive up interest rates.


All this without even touching on the shameful personal behavior and communication of the President. He is a cruel, racist,  xenophobic, boorish, misogynist, know nothing. And thats not even being hyperbolic. .