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I'm curious; Warriors games tend to have crossover eastern franchises like Gundam, One Piece, and Zelda. Could we see Western franchise Warriors titles, and if so could they have potential to be successful? 


For example, using Disney as an example and the fact that Warriors games don't seem to need to sell tons to be successful....would Star Wars Warriors, Marvel Warriors, and Rick Riordan Warriors be potential successes. 


(Yes I am aware that 'Rick Riordan Warriors' isn't exactly super name power, but as E.A has Star Wars for the near future and Marvel's exact status is up in the air i needed a franchise, and with the Fox buyout a lot of the rights to Percy Jackson that had been tied up should be fully back in Disney, as they publish the series and related books.)

The Democratic Nintendo that a paradox? I'm fond of one of the more conservative companies in the industry, but I vote Liberally and view myself that way 90% of the time?