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Errorist76 said:

Totally different architecture and Polyphony wanted a clean cut, a true next gen racer. I doubt anyone on PS4 would’ve been contend with PS2 models and trashy vacuum cleaner sounds.

Was there really a need for this thread?


Graphics isn't everything. For a developer who got away from charging fans with a glorified demo called GT Prologue, they'll get away from less like graphics or audio criticisms and the sales of GT6 only speaks for itself why we need this thread.


Ka-pi96 said:
Why learn from Naughty Dog specifically? Bethesda, Rockstar etc all ported PS3 games to PS4 and had success too. It was a pretty standard thing for all publishers.

They're both first party developers. The comparison seems more appropriate with Naughty Dog than Bethesda or Rockstar but I get your point. I really do.

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