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Megiddo said:
The thing is, I don't think it's any sort of 'beck and call' for someone to read a thread that they posted in. To me that's just common sense. If you're not interested in reading the discussion then why bother posting anyway? That's the way I see it at least. This is fairly off topic though, so I'll request that if you wish to continue this dialogue that we do it via private messaging.

In your opinion it makes sense to you, but outside of that it does not, otherwise we would have zero need for notification systems for anything else out there, except we know we need them, so it's just you that doesn't, but that alaso doesn't mean we have to abide by your little rule of not using a button that millions of sites actively make use of on a daily basis. 

What you choose to do is no longer common and actually rather aimless at that, as people these days expect an actual "reply" or usage of the quote button in order to know that said person is replying to them. You know I know that I am replying to you, but outside of this site, not many would think that, had I never quoted you and talked like I was typed like I was typing to myself (which is what it appears as to some people).

I am interested in the thread, not someone who repeats or states the obvious and refuses to make use of the quote button, but that will not stop me from stopping by to point out that 1) The button exists, and 2) There are no rules that suggest I follow your way of thinking, especially since the systems in place assure the opposite.

In future, do not talk of a made up rule and telling me not to talk to you unless I play by them. But I'm sure in time, those colors will reveal themselves.