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No one is jabbing at Nintendo, they are jabbing at Nintendo fans who thought MH can only be successful on Nintendo hardware despite its past success on PlayStation.

Its a fair jab.

I don't think Capcom will see this nor will they care, they are getting more than what they bargained for here. For me personally, I double dip when its a really good game. For GTA 5 I triple dipped, PS3, PS4 and PC. I'll do the same for RDR 2 when it releases on PC.

The "it'll never sell/run on Switch" comments are telling, which aren't even remotely needed in a thread with MHW at all, so when they are issued, then it becomes a jab. We already know full well that Switch is getting it's own MH game.


"it's fair" when it suits you.

I don't think any company out there cares about anything other than more money tbh, that;'s how they operate when they become that big, that's how they will continue to act and think until they die off. 

I don't really need to double dip, but I would for an indie game to support the smaller dev, rather than the larger one that doesn't need it. FOr me I won't be with RDR 2, I'll be waiting for it to reach bargain bin prices, because I do not reward those who treat the market I game on as second class let alone expecting the time spent waiting for it to be paid in full.