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outlawauron said:
Kerotan said:

Officially the ps4 and xbox version has sold a staggering 8.3m units in the 6+ months it's been out. However reports from steam suggest it had a good pc debut of over 2m sales. Monster Hunter has just entered the big leagues. I've no doubt it will hit 15m+ too.

Link to 2 million? I saw where they were able to datamine that it sold 500k in the first few days. That's a big jump to 2 million.

Seems it's just an estimate, Steamspy Premium estimates 2,376,000 as of 13th August. 

It was the best selling steam launch of 2018.

It's highest peak concurrent players is 329k, which is the 6th highest peaking game. Behind only GTA5, PUBG, DOTA 2, Counter Strike and Fallout 4.

I'd say ~2m seems right.