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PwerlvlAmy said:
Lawlight said:
That’s a great number. Give the person who saw the light and brought MH back to Playstation a raise.

Actually if that were the case, the game wouldve only sold around 4M. Thank the heavens for Xbox and PC for the added 6m sales. 

VGC Figures (Physical only): PS4 4.2m (85.5%), XBO 0.71m (14.5%)

Capcom Shipped+Digital Figures: PS4+XBO (8.3m)

So keeping the proportions from VGC, including Digital and Shipped copies we'd get: PS4: 7.09m, XBO: 1.2m

So no, with just the PS4 version it's almost the best selling Capcom game of all time.

As it stands we're looking at 7.1m shipped for PS4 and 3.2m shipped for PC+XBO.

Thank the heavens for the PS4.