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Like OTBWY says talking helps.


I say that because i have depression for about 15 years now. The first 4 years i tried to get rid of it myself it worked sometimes but it always came back and worse than it was before. After that i decided to go to a psychiatrist i was offered medication but with a background in chemistry i said no thanks i will try it without any of that stuff we will just talk and see how far we will get.

Which worked perfectly went there for about 2 years slowly getting rid of my depression while figuring out why i was getting depressed. After those 2 years i got rid of the worst of it just by talking to a person but still had depression periods of about a week or 2 every month. So i started figuring out how to get rid of those periods talking didnt really help anymore i also became unemployed at that point which didnt really help the situation. Got back home and started to figure out how to help myself and this is what i did to almost get rid of my depression alltogether.

I placed myself on  strict diet as little carbs as possible and almost no sugar ( i was a massive consumer of energy drinks, chips and everything else unhealthy) only greens, fish and meat for the most part once a week i have a cheat day with applepie (i love apple pie). Which helped reduce my depression periods to 3 to days to a week per month. Than i started to work out a run to the pool for a few kilometer swim every day or a run to the gym where i worked out got in good shape and met people to talk with also bought a dog to walk with. Been doing this for about the last 9 years and my depression period are almost no more sometimes i have a offday but no full blown depression. I still count these years as deprssion years because it still there and living any other way than this for a month will bring it right back  unfortunately i know this from experience.

Long story short talking really helped me. starting a strict diet and a good daily routine meeting new people almost daily getting a new job helped me overcome my depression and made live alot better. This is just my story maybe their are somethings in there you can use to improve youre live or make youre deprssion more bearable and i hope we see you back on the forums.