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flashfire926 said:
Pokemon Sun/Moon is the second best generation, only behind gen 4 imo.

I loved a lot about the games.
+more optional areas (like the desert and the inside of the mountain)
+Trials. The totem 'mons felt like actual boss fights, more so than gyms.
+region. It felt more lifelike and oozes with personality. Not the boring snoozefest X/Y was. There were less cities, but each of them feel unique from each other rather than just changing the color of the house's roofs and call it day.
+art style. Getting rid of the stupid chibi style and having a look that closer resembles the anime
+getting rid of HM's, finally
+Pokemon designs are much better, as opposed to the shitfests we got in B/W and X/Y

-Festival Plaza. A huge step back from PSS
- Too many unskippable cutscenes

Overall though, these games brought the series back up after the tragedy that was X/Y.

i agree with you on second best being gen 7 , but you mean behind gen 5 though right?



(also get PSS back,best thing about X/Y)