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Cerebralbore101 said:

So this has been a thing since at least gen 7. The first 360 was a RROD machine, with a tiny HDD. The first PS3 was a massive George Foreman Grill with Jet Engine Turbines for a fan. My first PS4 broke on me twice due to my roommate putting it in a place with not so great ventilation. The XB1 came with Kinect and cost $500. Both the PS4 and XB1 were kinda weak at launch, leading to the mid gen refreshes of Pro/1X. 

Next gen I'm not even going to get a PS5 until the 2nd model comes out. Sony doesn't have many exclusives until around the middle of the gen anyway. 

Ummm....Did you ever play on the launch GBA? Garbage. The screen was so impossible to see, that my acceptance of it's existence was based mostly off conjecture. I sold it within weeks. Luckily I got to play the GBA games I wanted to later on with the SP and DS.

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