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h2ohno said:
Nintendo isn't immune to this in their handhelds.

First gen GBA didn't have a backlit screen.

First gen Fat DS - nuff said

First gen 3DS was pretty good, but the better 3D tracking, analog nub, bigger screen, and more buttons of the New3DS made the original obsolete even when not factoring in the increased power.

If the Switch gets an upgrade I think the first gen version we've been enjoying will look pretty shabby in hindsight, much as I love the thing now.

Good point with GBA. 

Fat DS was perfect! GBA carts even fit in it perfectly, unlike the NDS Lite having GBA carts stick out of the front by half an inch. 

Launch 3DS was indeed awful, but only because of small screen size, and horrible price. I still have my 3DS XL from the launch of that model, and it is perfect. The New 3DS XL is a bit better, but only when it comes to the second analogue nub, and 3D mode. But I never play games that need the 2nd nub, and I have good eyes that don't need the advanced 3D mode to avoid headaches. New 3DS XL was mostly made so that people with glasses, and bad vision could use the 3D mode without getting a headache. 

2nd model Switch just needs a longer battery life IMO. But that's pretty hard to accomplish, and NIntendo would be better off just releasing an official battery pack add on, or an official XL version of the existing battery.