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I don't get why when Sony buys a studio its great an when Microsoft buys a company it's awful, especially when they are buying these AA type studios. Especially now in the spencer era when he's actually giving studios freedom creatively. For the people saying it's bad they won't be given much of a budget do you not realize that the games these studios have been making are making them on a very small budget as is and half the time they don't even know there own budget. What if PoE had 10 kick starters invest rather than thousands? Now Microsoft will just say what is your vision and then here is X amount of dollars. The only downside to any of these purchases is somy owners won't be able to play them, which does suck but that's sadly how this business works sometimes.

Now as for obsidian specifically they are having money issues so being bought by someone makes sense and Microsoft can give them a bigger budget than they've ever had to work with and the only time they've ever had a big budget was new vegas and that turned out well. Give them a green light for an RPG exclusive and that fills a big void in the Xbox lineup. It's a good fit imo