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Smash Bros in general is the biggest crossover in gaming history, even when it was only Nintendo characters. Now it feels like an event for a lot of gaming's biggest characters and icons in general in addition to Nintendo's already huge amount of gaming icons and characters.

Mario, Link, Mega Man, Cloud, Simon Belmont, Pac-Man, Sonic, Ryu, Snake, etc.

It's exactly why I wouldn't be surprised to see a character like Crash Bandicoot get into Smash Ultimate, simply because that is yet another iconic character in gaming to go along with the rest that people would love to see fighting other gaming icons like Pac-Man, which is basically what the point of Smash Bros is anyway, to see your favorite characters all in the same game and being able to fight as any of them. 

Last edited by FloatingWaffles - on 10 August 2018