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I think he will. Democrats have shit for candidates and they can't get their act together. While we're divided by somewhat decent candidates with differing values, Trump has everybody by the balls to support him, and Republicans have lost all sense of dignity and morale because they know opposing Trump could be disastrous for their position. Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden would walk all over Trump but we don't know that Biden is coming back, and Bernie...he would win but we'd have to elect him as the Democratic candidate for the 2020 election.

Hopefully we also have an election not plagued by Russian influence, that would help. It's not even about Democrat or Republican for me, it's about just being a decent person. I'd take a decent republican any day over somebody like Trump or a cheater like the DNC's favored Hillary. But seeing these rallies Trump is doing and all these brainwashed people showing up, it doesn't look good for 2020.

And keep in mind, we won't really see the effect Trump has on Jobs until really after he leaves office or his second term. Job growth was off the tailwind of Obama's work. Of course he's supporting the military...but at what cost? Our health care of course. We spend more on military than many of the wealthiest countries combined, I don't really consider that a positive. Pushing for Space War? Do we really need that? That's billions more that we'll have to "find" A.K.A. taking from Americans to fund a silly program.

Stocks are high and low no matter what the candidate, and he's caused the stock market to take quite a dive at time.

Soon his tariffs will rear their ugly heads and we'll see the result of that, things are going to get a lot more expensive, especially tech. This is not a great time to be an American whatsoever. The poor continue to get poor, and the rich continue to get richer. Huge tax cuts on billionaires and what happens is we end up paying for it one way or another. Whether it be taking budget cuts on health care, senior citizen care, welfare, and eventually SS.

Theoretically tax cuts on big corporations and billionaires is supposed to trickle down and allow for more employment opportunities but that rarely is the case. Those cuts are used for bonuses and to top off their pockets. American Greed is real and advocating for billions in tax cuts, not on those who need it, embodies it.

But...yes, if Democrats don't straighten up or the Republican party doesn't decide to grow some balls and put forth a decent candidate, this clown will be the next president. But thank God it's only for 4 more years. If we don't die by 2025 I'll consider his presidency a success.