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mjk45 said:
Homeroids said:

VAR anyone? So they see a player down at some point. Blood is poring from the players mouth, get off field Ump to view video evidence - Red card. Not that hard of a system to implement. It's important because it would create a far greater deterrent at every level of the team, especially the coaching staff.

You mention VAR as a deterrent, where talking 3 cases in over a decade like I said if it was to suddenly  increase I would consider it but I can't see the AFL spending money on an issue that we rarely see , instead like I stated earlier I would like all jumper punches and body punches that players now seem to  do instead of pushing  away the opponent suspended instead of fined I feel that would be a greater deterrent.

I don't think there is much to spend on to have a quick video review. We all saw the events of the Gaff incident on review already, almost instantly. I also think the regularity is irrelevant. If someone does something well outside the rules, take them off, at least for a short time. Other contact sports do this. It's a suitable penalty for the "crime". That's all I am saying.