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Homeroids said:
mjk45 said:

 The Afl has argued that since the  crackdown on striking these cases that were prevalent twenty years or more ago are now rare, and  if a red card was with the Gaff case how do you police it, in this case you have no umpires report to go by because the behind play nature of it meant they didn't see it  at the time it happened ,my thoughts are keep it how it is unless there  is an upsurge in coward punches  but I admit I wouldn't oppose it if it was introduced strictly for these Barry Hall Andrew Gaff type hits where there is concrete video evidence , but not like amateur football with it's broader criteria.

What I would  like to see is the AFl come out and state that their crackdown on jump punch's and strikes to the body  by making them finable offences is now done and it's suspension from now on, Like Andrew Gaff himself said when asked about his defences proposition that he meant to hit Brayshaw in the chest like  he had done earlier and miscued when Brayshaw propped and lowered his body weight  gaff's reply was it didn't matter  the impact itself was what matters.

VAR anyone? So they see a player down at some point. Blood is poring from the players mouth, get off field Ump to view video evidence - Red card. Not that hard of a system to implement. It's important because it would create a far greater deterrent at every level of the team, especially the coaching staff.

You mention VAR as a deterrent, where talking 3 cases in over a decade like I said if it was to suddenly  increase I would consider it but I can't see the AFL spending money on an issue that we rarely see , instead like I stated earlier I would like all jumper punches and body punches that players now seem to  do instead of pushing  away the opponent suspended instead of fined I feel that would be a greater deterrent.