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As a long time AFL follower, the 8 weeks is pretty much spot on, it covers the 6 or 7 games including finals that the eagles could potentially play if they make the grand final, so He won't have the comfort of coming back for the Grand final if they make it.

Historically it sits around the mark for that type of striking offence having said that I agree with Brayshaws Dad who said he believed Gaff's contrition was genuine and no one comes out of this a winner, He want's to arrange a meeting with Gaff to try to ease public tension towards Gaff especially in Perth and the family is looking forward to having a good time at the Eagles annual dinner where another son plays AFL with Gaff's parents,  a 3rd son plays for Melbourne a club that's been linked to Gaff's potential return to that city.

Last edited by mjk45 - on 07 August 2018