collint0101 said:
irstupid said:

So Republicans are now bad because they aren't defending a man who harassed a woman?

I feel like you missed my point. Either that or I didn't communicate it clearly

Are you saying we shoudl be condemning that guys actions. Marching on the streets and creating topics after topics on how horrible that guy is?

Why? He didn't get away with it. He is under suspension and investigation and should get charged with something. There is no need to cry when punishment is being dealt. No on is praising what he did. 

In this Antifa case, there is no punishment. They are getting away scott free and likely many people are praising what they did. 

Imagine your in school and two kids both spit in the teachers face. One kid gets sent to detention and nothing happens to the other kid. Why is it surprising that we would cause a fuss over the kid that didn't get punished? The other kid got punished, hopefully he learnt his lesson and will not do it again. But why does the other kid get off scott free? 

That is why we are angry when we see things like this, or other "protests". How often is there violence, destruction, looting, attacking police and so on and at the end of the day hardly anyone is arrested and any that are get released a day later with no punishment. 

I don't care what the persons race, sex, religion, party, group or anythign they are a part of. If a group of KKK members burn a cop car, or Antifa members burn a cop car, they should both be arrested and given the same punishment for that crime.

So many times I feel like I'm watching the scene from It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia where Frank asks who is looting or surviving.