irstupid said:
collint0101 said:

Saying the left is violent after having garbage thrown at you is justified but complaining because YouTube or Spotify doesn't want to host Alex Jones and his nut job conspiracy theories is is not. The right needs to realize that no one is entitled to a platform when you're using someone else's site or going to someone else's college there is no law saying they whoever actually owns that platform must allow you to speak. That's self victimising imo, yes it's shitty that Owens had garbage thrown at her but next she's probably going to turn around and complain about some right wing fear monger being kicked off of YouTube. 

Are you saying that someone arguing that Alex Jones shouldn't be kicked off YouTube is just as bad as throwing garbage at someone eating food at a restaurant?

Nope my point is that the right likes to victimize itself and make it look like those big bad liberals are always out to get them. Owens having garbage thrown at her is shitty but so is this and I don't see many republicans talking about freedom of speech when shit like that happens