OdinHades said:
DonFerrari said:

You say majority of antifa is peacefull, and where are this majority publically condemning the act? Because from your post I could infer that the minority (beeing you) is peaceful and condemn the act.

That even goes to other people saying they do all ruckus and go unchecked and even defended by politicians... and these are defending the violent acts not the Idea of antifacism.

Biggest problem would be that the majority of Antifa never gets asked. I can only provide anecdotal evidence, but I know just two people who actually think violence is a legit tool for Antifa to use (although to my knowledge, they didn't ever use violence). I can't count the number of people who think otherwise. Antifa also can't publicly condemn the act, because as I said, it's not an organization. There is no spokesperson or whatever who can speak for Antifa. You can only speak for yourself and you're just a part of it. So if some asshole on TV defends this kinda shit, he's not talking for me or my buddies, he's just talking for himself.

I'll be perfectly honest with you, I don't follow the news about Antifa all that much, so I haven't heard of anyone defending those kinda actions. If that happens, that's not ok. But you still shouldn't project that to the whole movement. But just out of curiosity, who is defending such actions? 

Well we have facebook for example. Never see any of my several contacts that are left wing ever condeming violent speech and action of any left wing movement whatsoever. And when you ask them they will say those are valid reaction to the oppresion they suffer.

You can look on this very thread some people thinking it more or less acceptable.

In Brazil we had the "black blocks" (similar movement in action) and it got sponsored by majority of actors, musicians and several left wing politicians. I could bet if you look on USA you'll see public figure heads defending the violence they do.

I wouldn't ever frame the whole movement (same for black or woman and being violent and against white and man), but the so called "minuscule minority" that suposedly is very vocal and can get platform to show it isn't ever publically condemned by those majority of the movement that is good people.

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