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Bristow9091 said:
I still don't even fully understand who or what Antifa is... but anyone that resorts to harassment to try and make statements and push agendas gets no respect from me.

They are basically a group who opposes Facism like Neo-Nazi's, but they believe they should use violence against those who use/promote violence.
Antifa wouldn't exist if right-wing facists didn't exist... And as right-wing neo-nazi's gain more prominence, then so does Antifa to counter them.

Both sides should be heavily condemned for such childish behavior, it's unacceptable.

DarthMetalliCube said:
Anyone who sympathizes with these assholes in any form or fashion loses all of my respect. These people are straight up terrorists, and despite how much they act like they are "against" Fascism, they are actually Fascist themselves. They are all that is wrong with humanity, and one step away from the likes of Isis, the KKK, and Neo Nazis.

Well... No. They aren't facists, they share some similarity however.
In the end though... The farther left and right you go, the more they are the same.

melbye said:

The alt-right, these "Nazis" you are so afraid of has no supporters outside their small group, Antifa on the other hand has support from media and politicians and that makes them more dangerous because no one is stopping them(unless someone pays hundreds of thousands of dollars).

Antifa isn't that much larger than the "Nazi" groups. It's not even really an organized organization... In that they are similar to Anonymous.

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