OdinHades said:
NightDragon83 said: 

It's hilarious how people constantly defend Antifa and similar far left groups by saying that it's just a few bad apples making them look bad and that the vast majority of them are peaceful, when you can literally make the same argument for members of far right groups like neo-Nazis / KKK / white supremacists. 


While the majority of people in those groups may be peaceful in their actions, they are following ideas that lead directly to the harm of other people, which is reason enough to stand up against them. Antifa at its core does not pursuit to bring harm to any human being. It's sad that some people misuse Antifa for that, but the idea behind it is still a good thing. At least in my opinion. I can't say that about neo-nazis, KKK or white supremacists.

DonFerrari said:

And where is the vast majority of these Antifa condemning the acts of these few guys?

Guess is the same with all the other movements that use the same excuse but never stand up against these so called few bad apples.

I will happily condemn these actions of those individuals. But I can only speak for myself. I did nothing to defend it in any way. The only thing I defended was the idea behind Antifa. And for the record, yes, I consider myself to be part of Antifa. I participated in a lot of actions against the german parties AfD and NPD around here. They were all peaceful and nobody was harmed. 

Cares to post sources for the massive condemnation of Antifa bad actions by several Antifa peacefull people in public spaces?

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