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Anyone who sympathizes with these assholes in any form or fashion loses all of my respect. These people are straight up terrorists, and despite how much they act like they are "against" Fascism, they are actually Fascist themselves. They are all that is wrong with humanity, and one step away from the likes of Isis, the KKK, and Neo Nazis.

The most ridiculous thing is Candace Owens is actually a very intelligent and pretty reasonable person who makes some very insightful points regarding BLM and the current Democratic party. She's actually pretty much your typical conservative, but the fact that she's a strong and smart black woman and trying to improve the black community by suggesting that maybe the Democrats, who've acted like their saviors, have possibly only made things worst for them? Can't have that! Gotta have a bunch of fascist white people swoop in and put her in her place, because after all, they know best! Sure sounds familiar doesn't it?


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