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I 100% agree with that. The problem with using an alternate system whether as a nation or the entire world is we never have that open conversation about an alternate. We can't just say socialism or capitalism or any other form of economic will work, we have to conversate, plan and agree on how a system will work. One tactic I've thought of is your service to society should be societies service back to you. In another words if you work for a living you should be able to go to your store and attain your groceries or things you need or want. But you shouldn't just take the entire bin of beef as that doesn't leave anything left for anyone else. So then you think ration control. The problem with that is some families are bigger than others. So where's the cap? The rations for a 4 person family is the same as a 7 person family? Who makes those decisions other than a voting system to decide. Vote and decide on the individual policies, not the president/prime Minister or king or queen to make decisions for all.