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adidas198 said:


thismeintiel said:

And this is why I think Trump wins reelection easily. You have so many in the middle and on the Right that couldn't bring themselves to vote for him in 2016. But, he is slowly winning them over, with a big help from the radical Left. And those who still won't vote for him, what does the Left offer to get excited about? Bitching and moaning about an election that happened almost 2 years ago, and a platform of white guilt? 

The rightwing propaganda machine does its job to normalize his bullshit lies.


DonFerrari said: 

Not illegally entering USA would have helped all of them not being detained... there you have your solution.

Blaming the victims who have next to nothing in life. These kids are getting sexually abused at these detention centers.

Trump supporters are in fact disgusting. 

In what points then "the victms" aren't guilt of the parents that are commiting crime and become guilty of Trump?

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