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John2290 said:
More proof that companies need to start doing this treatment to other ps1 and ps2 games. I'm looking at you Konami, give me Mgs 1-3 with this level of remastered polish and all will be forgiven. There are sooo many games that could net companies massive profit, imagine how much the GTA ps2 games would sell recreated in the GTA 5 engine or the OG tombraiders. Nostalgia is powerful and as SoC and Crash have shown,games from back then can be modernized and not only sell to old fans but sell to a whole new generation of gamers built from the hype of the nostalgia afflicted. What I'd do for the MGS trilogy with clean updated visuals and quality of life improvements spread throughout the three titles or a Vice city port that doesn't make me want to vomit from motion blurr.

Agreed.  I would kill a puppy for the remakes of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Giant: Citizen Kabuto and Jedi Outcast.