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The first half of 2018 was not as well supported as many people hoped coming off of last year bombastic ride.

Really, Nintendo could have pushed for some 2017 titles/rushed some late 2018 games to launch in April/May 2018, since the Nintendo Switch was sold out most of last year anyway.

Last year was like they maxed out the sales they actually had Supply for, and were just wasting their Plus Demand Up tokens (kept adding more good games in 2017), when they could have been saving those for the dry patch that was January through May.

I think the Switch’s momentum was fine for 3 month, but April and May really needed bigger boosting software than it received.

That said, the hard slowdown was thankfully short lived. June and July have really turned things around momentum wise for the Nintendo Switch, due to more desirable games releasing on the system (Nintendo even commented on this change of momentum of June’s hardware sales).

(Personally, I will probably get at least 10 times as many games during June - December this year compared to the dry times that were January - May this year)

I think the lineup for August through December is actually really really good (though Nintendo hasn’t announced everything just yet), and Nintendo must think so to, since they haven’t changed their hardware forecasts.

I just think, if they had spread out the releases better, the momentum into the holidays would have been much stronger, and overall would have had sold more hardware during April through September (Especially if Smash Ultimate was a September title).

Either way, it will be interesting to see what other games get announce between now and New Years.