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I can't find the post anymore but someone here told me something which means that approximately :

"It is not because SSB on Wii U sold 5M for 13,5M WiiU, that we can expect for the Switch >20M for potentially 60M of Switch minimum."

Because it is not a linear calculation, but it is more based on the fanbase quantity.

So if I understand well, it means that back in the past 10-5 years go, young people and young adults had the capacity to be seduced by SSB and become a member of this fan base, but not in 2018 today ? So only the already existing fan base will buy the game, but there is not while I am talking, some young 8-12 years children who see the trailers and footages of SSBU and say to their parent :

"- Hey mum I want this ! I want this game ! it looks awesome there is every nintendo in it !

- For Christmas if you are a nice boy until then."

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