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Sordel said:
quickrick said:

I did say the sales are good, so i'm not downplaying the sales, just saying it's not like the game is doing amazing numbers that thirdparty's will notice and start focusing on switch. if a thirdparty game would do similar to a nintendo game then i'm sure AAA third-party's will take notice.

Octopath Traveller is a new I.P. When Nintendo makes those big sales, it's always on established I.P. so how could a third party expect to equal the sales of a Mario Kart, Zelda or Mario platformer?

The fact is: there's always an excuse a big company like EA can use to explain why their games wouldn't sell on Switch and if their investors believe them then fine. But if Sonic Mania is making money for Sega and Skyrim is making money for Bethesda and the Rabbids are making money for Ubisoft and Fortnite is making money and Rocket League is making money and now Square is making money off a Switch exclusive you've got to start asking how much EA is leaving on the table here.

At this point we all know that “wait & see” cost the big companies a lot of money in lost sales. The only question is what they do now that their initial strategy failed catastrophically.

splatoon was a new IP and sold over 5 million on the dead wiiu, wiisports was a new ip and sold 80 million. being a new IP doesn't have to that much to do with how successful  a game can be, just look at horizon, destiny or the last of us. 

As for EA, is just not EA, it's most big AAA studios. it's mainly because of the hardware difference, and not just not the specs which do play a big role.