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JRPGfan said:
Nighthawk117 said:

No, your wrong again. I'm not defending Trump.  I hate the asshole. I didn't vote for him.  However, I respect the office of the Presidency no matter who sits in the oval office.  The people elected Trump.  Fair and square, and I accept that.  What I don't accept are all of these bullshit anti-Trump rants that are obvious made up stories designed to sell newspapers/serve as click-bait on the net...therefore certain people write outrageous articles only to draw attention to themselves and make some money.

1) the popular vote (most people) was won by Hillary.  Trump is in office because the american voteing system isnt fair.


Guys,  the electoral college system is part of the US Constitution.  It's been there since 1787.

I love it when people say they support the US Constitution EXCEPT for that evil 2nd Amendment and the unfair Electoral College.