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This is incredibly true. Sony has positioned themselves to have a breadth of exclusives coming in time for the transition of PS5. Cross-gen gaming will keep the appetite going for Sony's install base. If the make Death Stranding and The Last of Us part 2 playable on both PS4 and PS5 and provide patches to upgrade God of War war, Spider-Man, and Days Gone to be upgraded to play on PS5 then Sony will resume competition within itself. Other key factors include if Sony decides on A new handheld or PSVR-2 or combination to be as versatile at the Nintendo Switch. And lastly not that it is need but if Sony were to announce PS5 would support Crossplay at launch and then unlock it at the same time for PS4, they also win again. Also before this year is up, the ability to change Network ID names. I'm cool with mine but it's an on going demand for others.