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CaptainExplosion said:
TheLegendaryWolf said:

shh, that's an inconvenient fact that ruins his political narrative, anything and everything bad is always caused by President Trump no matter what... 

I'd appreciate it if you took these allegations seriously.

Hard to even take you serious as a person. This shit is all fake and you're just here to spread the fake news. Maybe you should just get off this site if all you're bringing is false facts. These children are not separated from their parents by the US border agents, they were separated by the ADULTS who are trafficking them into the US. They're not related. 

No one should take this shit serious, no one should take you serious, this is fake, your fake. You're the fascist pig, not Trump. Look in a mirror god dammit.


User was banned for this post ~ Angelus

Last edited by Angelus - on 02 August 2018