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twintail said:

Sounds like a bad idea idea that won't catch on. Just make the game compatible with existing devices like how its supposedly already compatible with guitar hero devices for music making.

I don't know man. Maybe an app for phones but it gets harder from that when you try to create finer details. I think having an accessory made for Dreams is the best way. Even xbox makes controllers for people with disability. I think Sony should also try targeting specific audience even if there's not a lot of profit but the thought is highly appreciated.



You are right that Media Molecule knows what they are doing better than someone like me but if Sony wants Dreams to be a success. I'm telling ya, efficiency is the king. There are too many lazy people in the world including me and I won't be bothered by a game that doesn't love my free time.

Lafiel said:
I guess those might be an option if the game is as successful as it deserves to be. Right now only the Molecules have the kind of long time experience to tell whether or not the DS/Moves are adequate enough for hours of daily creation in the game or what method might improve work flow. Stylus/Mouse work in 2D, but they did emphasize on having 3D input with DS/Moves quite a bit, so maybe that is an important aspect - it's an open secret Sony is working on new motion controllers, maybe these could be brought to the market if the game catches on (although the main focus is certainly PS5 VR for those).

I love 2D games. I hope they do whatever they can to help easing dreams development. If they want Dreams to be their Minecraft or atleast become LBP success, dream making should be easier whether its 2D or 3D. It's a gateway to their very own youtube but for gaming and even animation but content is king for people who aren't into the creating process.

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