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Manlytears said:
DonFerrari said:

I'll say you are a lot better player than me then =] it was quite more challenging than all the previous God modes of God of War prior.

And I know you haven't said it, but on the other thread someone said that combat is much more deep than other games because there is a lot of combos and whatnot that you need to clear on the higher difficulties... I basically cleared it with roll, parry and axe throw+arrows so not a lot of different skills and combos used (even more because most enemies will kill you while you are doing a big combo. The most I would do when getting the H&S weapon was 3 hit combos).

I don't have a problem with how hard or weak he seemed against the Norse gods, because boss battles being challenging is ok (I'm looking at you final special boss). My grieve was at how much weaker Kratos was compared to the average mob. Only at end game with level 8 I was like being able to kill a level 5 mob (level 1 wouldn't show anymore) with like 3-5 hits and taking 10 for me to die (sure could still be killed with 1-3 from level 8 mob).

Just to be clear, i played the game on "give me challege" and not "give me god of war". I tried god mode and i just gave up on the first minutes.

About kratos power "vs mobs". Yeah, i agree, kratos normal attacks are kinda weak! Mobs are just too damn tough, you realy need to use runic attacks ,stun than "R3", Executes whit axe and "Boy" or the games becomes hell! Damn 70-100 cooldown is a must, and Runic is much better than strength.

Owww sorry, misread you.

I bet give me challenge is plenty difficult, perhaps will replay the game on it to see. But man as you saw, God mode is like I said obnoxiously hard =p

The Queen... 17 life bars if I'm not wrong, each of them take 3 runics or like 10 combos to go down... 30 min fight... and even on level 8 she will kill you with 2 or 3 hits depending on the skill she is using. So even going with berserk stone, full rage and the skill to suck out energy (which you need to be very good player to get) you would have something like 3-5 full life depending on how you use them, so it is like 170 hits to kill the Queen against being hit no more than 15 times in 30 min of fight on a enemy that have over 25 different attacks, not all of them fast to recognize and react.

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