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Manlytears said:
Beat it on challenge, not hard at all, but...
"That Queen"... yup, that queen sure is hard.

I'll say you are a lot better player than me then =] it was quite more challenging than all the previous God modes of God of War prior.

And I know you haven't said it, but on the other thread someone said that combat is much more deep than other games because there is a lot of combos and whatnot that you need to clear on the higher difficulties... I basically cleared it with roll, parry and axe throw+arrows so not a lot of different skills and combos used (even more because most enemies will kill you while you are doing a big combo. The most I would do when getting the H&S weapon was 3 hit combos).

Manlytears said:
DonFerrari said:
Also did anyone get dissapointed that our God Slayer got "nerfed" down in power (or are the Norse gods much stronger than Greek?)

On the Give me God of War you could die anywhere from 1 to 3 hits from even weak enemies and needed 12+ hits to kill even the weaker mob enemy.

I also think kratos got weaker...  I mean, he got a hard time whit Baldur, one of the weakest Norse gods, after beating  the great 3 (Poseidon,Hades, zeus). Perhaps his power comes from his anger, he got lot's of problema whit greek gods and reasons to hate than, and not so much for Norse gods

I don't have a problem with how hard or weak he seemed against the Norse gods, because boss battles being challenging is ok (I'm looking at you final special boss). My grieve was at how much weaker Kratos was compared to the average mob. Only at end game with level 8 I was like being able to kill a level 5 mob (level 1 wouldn't show anymore) with like 3-5 hits and taking 10 for me to die (sure could still be killed with 1-3 from level 8 mob).

RaptorChrist said:
I started my playthrough on Give Me God of War, but several hours later I realized that I made a huge mistake. I was forced to replay the first few hours on Hard mode.

Well it took me 20 min to see it was a mistake, but even if platinum could be get on easy I pushed on the Give me God of War. It was painful but rewarding.

Unfortunately you can't change the difficult and even if you start on Hard you can't go up in the same play-through.

twintail said:
Played on hard and then God mode. There are a few challenging areas but nothing too bad.

Having Boy makes things more manageable.

Yes I became a spammer of the axe+arrows

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