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Hello guys,

Finally back from platinum on God of War and what a trip.

I started the game on Give me God of War even though I knew it wasn't like any other GoW before it. Much more souls-like than Hack and Slash for over 50% of the game (after a key moment that I won't spoil, the game can be played as H&S and was how I done it).

But silly me seeing how the currency was hard to get, didn't put any money on the upgrades. So I was halfway done, fighting level 6 wolves that could kill me with one hit because I was still level 1.

I finally took out the scorpion from my pocket and surrendered to my own inability, so in a matter of couple hours I was at least level 4 and the game became so much easier that it almost bored me (yes I got a lot used to coward playing with my axe from very far and had destroyed some bosses like Ogres, Dark Elf and the like just throwing the axe).

Then about level 6 I was fighting the end boss (won't spoil the name) and owwww boy, the challenge came hitting back and I took live over 8h to kill him (not that much more than the 4h of the Dark Elf or Ice Ogre with a team mind you).

After this much preparation and planning my late game grinding I got myself to level 8 to challenge the special boss and usual GoW challenge mode.

This was another hard battle.


My question to my fellow chartians. In what difficult have you played the game? Are you looking up to the New Game+ with added difficult? How much tear and swear did you put to plat or at least finish this game on Give me God of War?

I would estimate something between 50-100h for me.

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