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Cobretti2 said:
Hang on so he is collecting piss to use at a later day?

You're giving his planning skills too much credit; he's just too fucking lazy to drag his carcass off my couch and go to the lovely sparkly toilet that I keep all lovely and sparkly.

Seriously, I have been in some proper shitholes wot made THAT bog from Trainspotting look like a mug you'd have your morning coffee in. I ain't having a jug like that in MY manor. So I can't understand why he wouldn't wanna have a slash in it. I even put a framed photo of Egerton Dock Bridge above the cistern so theres's something to admire, y'kno? Maybe there needs to be a naked laydee. My Brother's REALLY ruined though, so he'd probably only go for a Hong Kong bus.