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Trophies serves several purposes, but the main purpose is to show your friends what kind of gamer you are. 

Trophie Hunter- These guys go after platinums where ever they can. They rise to the challenges set before them and try to squeeze every bit of content out of a game before moving on. These gamers mostly have several plats to show off. 

Hardcore- These guys are the ones that will usually get 60 to 80 percent of trophies, depending on collectibles. They do all of the side content and hit all the benchmarks, but they will not waste time looking for 900 korok seeds. They may have a few plats for the games that they absolutely just love, but no where near the same as a trophy hunter. This is where I personally fall. 

Story gamer- These guys do not really have platinum trophies at all. They play the story missions, maybe some side missions, and move on. They spend time in some games more than others, but tend to put in the bare minimum amount of time needed to complete the core content. 

Casual gamer- These gamers will play until they get bored and move on. They have many games with missing story trophies and are generally low level overall. They prefer short games and tend to do a lot of renting and trading. 

Master of their trade- These guys have very few games on the list, but have literally gone beyond just getting the plat for all of them. Maybe they only play Fallout and Skyrim, maybe they only play Zelda games (no trophies, but the concept is the same), or maybe they are the most common type and invest heavily into online gaming. At any rate, they are true masters of their games, however few those games may be. 

Now this may suprise many people, but these challenges have always been present before trophies. Trophies did nothing to alter the gameplay by being put in. They also do not measure ones worth as a gamer. They simply advertise the style that best suits you. 

They are there for fun and social purposes, not a measure of wether or not you have completed a game. Only you, the gamer, can decide what your money is worth, regardless of if you spend 100 hours in a game and stop at 90%, play 30 and move on, or squeeze every ounce of content out and go for platinum. We are all gamers in the end. 


So what kind of gamer do your trophies/achievements depict you as?  I feel we all fit into one of these five categories one way or another, and if you feel you do not, pick the one that best suits you and elaborate below.


Also Nintendo only gamer, I know you do not have trophies right now.  However you are welcome to participate as well!  Simply pick the descriptive style you feel best suits you.

Last edited by TruckOSaurus - on 30 July 2018

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